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She prepares every day our delicious breakfast and dinner with lots of love and care..

Also helps with the rooms, laundry and the house.. She knows all about this beautiful Finca being here from the beginning.. She´s a big part of the soul of this place ..


She is always willing to help in all the needs of the hotel. He knows how to do everything and with the best disposition. Rooms, laundry, maintenance, kitchen, waitress.. She also makes delicious cakes for the breakfast..An essential support.


The joy in person, always cheerful, turns the terrace into a magical place to have dinner .. where she will serve us the delicious dishes prepared by Antonia and María.
It caters to every guest as it deserves to make you feel at home ..Also deals with check ins, stocks and everything that she can think of to make everything work better


Our beloved and magical dog, happily rescued from living chained, careless and without the care that he deserves. He has filled us with joy, excitement and a lot of love. He loves being around people, playing and jumping!

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